The Vast Project

It’s been a privilege to be part of The Vast Project in mastering Vast – an 18 track collection of some of Australia’s finest songwriters. Spanning rock, folk, and country, the epic (vast?) album includes artists Bernard Fanning, Sally Seltman, Glenn Richards, Paul Dempsey, Rowena Wise, Paul McDermott, and more.

Written and recorded in the remote town of Cossack (Bajinhurrba) WA, during a week in Sep 2017, the project basically turned the western Pilbara town into an artists’ hub, with sculptors, painters and musicians alike reflecting on the land and landscapes. A documentary is to follow.

Vast (various artists)

Congratulations to the team on their huge effort: Jae Laffer, Qynn Beardman, Aimee Chapman, engineer Anna Laverty and all involved in bringing this together.

For more on the project, including the track list, see: The Vast Project.