Music releases of 2018

Sincere thanks to all clients for having me on board for their mastered music releases of 2018. It’s a nothing short of a privilege to be part of a team crafting a work into its final form. Every music project is unique and, as such, each mastering session is like finding and unlocking its own “code”.

As always, the year involved a diverse array of mastering projects. Local, national, and international artists spanned neoclassical, contemporary jazz, experimental, alt-rock, post-rock, country, folk, pop, hip-hop, electronica, and world music.

Looking forward to more unique projects for 2019! Remember to get in touch to book your mastering session ahead of any deadlines (and allow for any final mix tweaks prior to mastering!).

Wishing everyone the best for a healthy, peaceful, musically prosperous and preposterous new year ahead.


Adam Dempsey Mastering credits 2018

Select mastering credits of 2018