Audio Mastering With 2020 Hindsight

2020 – what a year. Who isn’t saying that? And yet it was highly productive for many. Audio mastering with 2020 hindsight, and marking 25 years since first mastering for cassette tapes, to say it’s a privilege to be on board for so many artists’ projects is always an understatement. Thank you to all who kept me busy through 2020 and who helped listeners and fans with a less surreal existence in lockdowns. Suffice to say: stay well, stay supportive, stay creative.

2021 will have its own challenges and successes. Firstly, take a breath, make time for music – and really listen. I can tell you, that’s where the magic is. ✨

Collaborate and create. Remember: music helps.

As more artists work in isolation and with less collaboration than ever, a fresh and objective listen and perspective offered by professional mastering has never been more vital.

adam dempsey mastering select credits of 2020

Select mastered releases of 2020

Recent mastering projects

Early in 2020 new albums Blood & Longing from legendary Australian songwriter Neil Murray, and On Diamond’s debut LP made Album of the Week at PBS FM, Triple R, and ZZZ.

By International Women’s Day (March 8) I was fortunate to count projects for: Charlotte Abroms, Yara Alkurd, Zoe A’dore, Hannah Blackburn, Hannah Campbell, Laura Coates (The Weeping Willows), Marita Dyson (The Orbweavers), Lou Lou at 3MDR, Tess Guthrie, Georgia Knight, Melbs bb, Jane McArthur, Angie McMahon with Leif Vollebekk, Marloe., Angie Moon, Kelly Day & Jane Hendry (Broads), Ruth Roshan, Lisa Salvo (On Diamond), Stellie, Miller Soding, Penelope Swales, Brooke Taylor, Liz & Sarah Taylor (Taylor Project), El Tee, Lucy Travis (Rya Park), Grace Turner, Juice Webster, and Velvet Bloom.

Projects were also mastered for The Bell Streets, Charlie and the Rays (NYC), a single and debut album for Josh Cashman, Chasing Ghosts, Creature Fear, Connor Black-Harry, Devorah, Jayden Dunne, Fosika, debut album for Grand Pine, Eastbound Buzz, Electric Self, Ben Mason, Modern Opera, The Smallgoods, RAT!hammock, Tiaryn, Wurli, Melle (Netherlands), M1LDL1FE (Singapore), Parkville, Art Pleasley, Vaughan (UK), new singles and long player for Yeo, and album three for The Weeping Willows.

All the while, congrats to Lloyd Spiegel on taking three (3) Australian Blues Music Awards (Album, Artist, and Producer of the Year with Robert B Dillon) for his album Cut and Run as well as the Music Victoria Award for Best Blues Album.

And to Angie McMahon for her APRA Song of the Year shortlist nomination (Pasta), her cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart out via Amazon Music for bushfire relief, AusIndies AIR Award for her album Salt, Music Victoria Award nominations for Best Rock Album and Best Solo Artist, and the release of new EP Piano Salt!

Sticky Fingers‘ debut album Caress Your Soul reached Platinum sales. And props to Mijo Biscan on the release of an awesomely epic album Golden Moment, produced by Marty Brown (Art of Fighting, who also released their long-awaited return Luna Low, mastered for vinyl). Additionally, there’s Mijo’s excellent podcast interview series on creativity and the music industry.

Bandcamp Fridays

It’s encouraging to see Bandcamp standup for independent artists and waive their fees on a Friday each month for purchase of physical product, downloads, and merchandise. (Tip: downloads sound better than streaming!). This deserves applause.

And now for commercial radio – if they would cut back on the repetition and begin to so easily support more local artists it would be a game-changer, both for exposure to new audiences and for airplay royalties. This is something so do-able at this time when fairer representation of contemporary and diversity in the arts has never been more necessary.