Thank you for everything up to this point, and for all to come. It’s such a privilege to be able to trust you with the songs and know that you are the exact right person to be working on them. Everyone has said ‘Keeping Time’ sounds wonderful, thank you again.
Angie McMahon


Hi Adam, thanks again, you actually saved my recording man, you really did! All my concerns and uneasiness has been lifted. May sound like I’m being a little over the top, but that’s really how I feel man. Much Respect!
Matt Walker


You’re a legend. Can’t wait to master the new tracks. You’re like our mastering guardian. Melbourne is lucky to have you.
Lisa Salvo (On Diamond)


Hey Adam,  I just spent the last 30-40 minutes having a solid listen and I am over the moon. Thanks for you care, support and profession with your awesome work in mastering. Really really solid finish, balance and roundness to this one. It has a ‘creamy’ feel to the whole mix, and as always I can hear that extra polish every time you put your mastering skills into my work. Looking forward to the next one!
Josh Cashman


Mastering with Adam was great! I’m really happy with the finished product and he was great at explaining parts of the process as he went. Very happy!!
Brooke Russell (Brooke Russell & The Mean Reds)


Sounding great!
Mick Turner (Dirty Three, Caroline No, Mess Esque)


As always, brilliant work on the mastering! And such a pleasure to work with you. This is all sounding absolutely WONDERFUL! Many thanks again.
Emilee South


Thank you for all your work, dedication and care. All of my clients have been very happy with the outcomes and many speak very highly of their experience with you. I am always comfortable sending clients off to you because not only is your work excellent but you treat them very well and they always come back happy.
Myles Mumford (Producer/Engineer)


Woah Adam, I don’t know how you do it. The bass sounds EPIC. The whole track has such dimension to it. Thanks heaps mate, couldn’t wish for anything better.


Adam’s audio mastering expertise, care and professionalism, coupled with the excellently designed and appointed studio at Deluxe Mastering, make for an excellent mastering and listening experience. We really enjoy working with Adam Dempsey and highly recommend his mastering work.
The Orbweavers


The master is brilliant! Thank you for a great day. Your professionalism, generosity, care and calming influence is appreciated!
Kavisha Mazzella


I have employed Adam Dempsey as mastering engineer on six albums now and have always been really happy with his work. He has great ears, great skills and a really broad range of experience that he brings to his work. I recommend Adam without reservation.
Peter Knight, (Way Out West)


The album sounds great, thank you so much for your mastering wizardry!
Francesca Mountfort


I’m confident my recordings are always going to be mastered well with Adam Dempsey. The sound is balanced, clean and world class.
Helen Croome (Gossling)


Adam Dempsey is the first recommendation I give to all my studio clients when considering mastering engineers. Amazing attention to detail, a very sensitive approach to sound and a hands down expert in his field.
Adam Casey, The True Vine Productions


Hey Adam, I’ve just returned from OS with Xavier. Thanks so much for your work on the Live album, everyone is extremely happy with it, especially Xavier. Really looking forward to getting it out!
Rowan Robinson (Xavier Rudd), June 2014


Tim Rogers loves it. Jimmy Barnes loves it. John Faine (ABC) loves it.
Tim Spicer (co-producer, Sime Nugent “Happy Hour” album)


Wow, they sound great! Thanks so much. You’re definitely the best mastering engineer I’ve worked with. Cheers.
Eleanor Dunlop


Adam has a great ear, a real commitment to the local music scene and was brilliant with following up and making sure I was satisfied with the job.
Jen Cloher


Thank you for the great mastering. The quality of sound is so great! Also it will be a sampler of Fujitsu-Ten (top share car audio company in Japan), especially the manager recommended to do that, I am happy to inform you.
Katsuhiro Imai (Joe Chindamo ‘The Joy of Standards’ Japan release)


Just had a listen, I don’t know what you do but bloody hell it’s good. Thanks again and can’t wait to send you the rest of the album!!!


Adam, I’m absolutely blown away with what you’ve done with those tracks. They sound fuller, punchier, somehow while retaining a nice crisp top end. I honestly don’t know how you did it. I think the best way I can put it is that now they sound like they always have in my head. The texture of the tracks actually sounds different also, as though it has more character about it. All in all I just couldn’t more pleased with the results. Once again a massive thank you for what you’ve done, I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve heard.