Upload your mixes for mastering securely HERE (no sign-up required).

To avoid delays with your mastering, please:

  • Ensure that you have listened to your exported mix files in full to approve them prior to your mastering session.
  • For several songs/tracks, place your mix files in a folder labelled with artist name and release title.
  • Include your contact details, final track list with full titles, and any comments.

Recommended digital mix formats:

  • 24 bit or 32 bit floating point stereo wav or aif files, at native sample rate (i.e. the same sample rate as your mix session).
  • No added peak limiting, clipping, maximizing, normalizing, 16 bit dither, or fade ins/outs (fades are optimally part of the mastering stage).
  • If you have specific fades, gaps, or transitions in mind, feel free to include an MP3 mockup of all tracks laid out as desired and this will be used as a reference for your final masters.

Remember: the better your mixes, the better your masters. So always send only mixes you already love to mastering!

Please contact Adam if you need advice on file formats.